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Presenting the Great Harmonies of the T Sisters in 2 Weeks, on Saturday, December 6

The Pasadena Folk Music Society will present the T Sisters in just over 2 weeks, on Saturday, December 6 in Beckman Institute Auditorium (Little Beckman) on the Caltech campus. There’s a good chance that you aren’t familiar with the T Sisters, but we wanted to get these young women in our series before they become too big and famous to be performing in a small, intimate setting like ours.

T Sisters (credit: Dorothy Brown)Twins, Chloe and Rachel Tietjen and their sister Erika have been singing together all of their lives, and the voices and harmonies they have developed are simply amazing. In the tradition of the Andrews Sisters, the Pointer Sisters, the Roches, and the Beach Boys, this trio comes from a folk music sensibility (acoustic guitars, washboard, mandolin, and upright bass) and they bring in elements of bluegrass, country, gospel, and R & B, as well as plenty of influences from the popular music of the 1940’s. They move easily and confidently through these styles, with wonderful results. And their a cappella singing is stunning as well. Their first, brief 5-song CD was produced by famed mandolin player, Mike Marshall, and their brand new full CD, Kindred Lines, is produced by Laurie Lewis, so they are obviously attracting attention. In the past year they’ve been very well received at the Kate Wolf Festival and the Strawberry Festival, a couple of California’s biggest folk music events.

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