Parking for September 16 Concert

If you have been to our shows in Beckman Institute in past years, things may look a little different outside the building than what you remember.   If you need handicapped parking, see the heading below.

Click here to see a campus map.   There are some things it might help for you to know.   Note the orange Resnick Construction zone in the upper left on Wilson Street.  Beckman Institute is just to the right of the upper part of that construction zone.   To the right of Beckman Institute is the distinctive, large, round Beckman Auditorium.  You may have parked nearby in the past, but the two lots just above Beckman Auditorium, Lots 10 and 11, are currently closed for modification.  There is now only one lot, Lot 12,  currently accessible at the end of Michigan Ave., just south of Del Mar Blvd.  We suggest that you try this one first, but it may fill up.  See instructions below.  If the lot is full, there is plentiful sure-fire parking in the two parking structures (123 and 124 on the map) on Wilson Avenue.  They are just a little farther away.  Remember that all parking spaces with names can be used by the general public on weekends.  There may be available street parking on Wilson Avenue.

Closest Parking – Lot 12

From Del Mar Boulevard, turn south on Michigan Avenue, which now dead-ends  sooner than it used to because of construction.  Lot 12 is visible just past the apartment building on the corner of Del Mar and a right turn gets you in.  Handicapped parking is at the far end of the lot, but limited to 3 spaces.  If you park here, the clearest path to our entrance  at the front of Beckman Institute is to walk just past the Broad Cafe on your left and turn left, walking past the driveway that goes to the back of Beckman Institute, and then turn left into the Beckman Institute courtyard, where the entrance is on the left side.

Wilson Avenue Parking structures

From Del Mar Boulevard, go down (south) Wilson Avenue and find the the two parking structures on your right.   There may be available parking on the street.  Parking structure 123, the one just past Del Mar, is closest to Beckman Institute, but both are manageable.  Because of the Resnik construction, the closest walking route is to cross Wilson and enter just above the construction.  It is marked by a large sign that says “Delivery Access.”   Note, that this route has some steps.  If steps are a problem, see Handicapped Parking below.   Take this path to the first walkway that crosses and go right, around the Beckman Institute building, then left into the courtyard, with the entrance on the left.

Handicapped Parking

The closest Handicapped parking is at Lot 12 (above), where there are 3 spaces.  See description above, but if the spaces are filled, your best bet is the Wilson Parking structures and instead of taking the walkway with steps (next to the “Delivery Access” sign), continue on Wilson toward Del Mar and turn right on the next large walkway, just before the Broad Cafe and walk past the Broad Center and keep going until you reach the Beckman Institute courtyard on your left, enter the courtyard, and and go up the steps to the Beckman Institute on your left.

 If you do need help because of accessibility issues, you can call Caltech Security at (626) 395-4701, and as long as there is no current emergency going on, they can send someone out with an electric cart to bring you to Beckman Institute and the same process back to your car after the show.  Leave yourself a little extra time if you think you’ll need this service.