The Pasadena Folk Music Society needs your help!

Meeting Wednesday, 1/15/2020 at 7PM- Please RSVP-you can email us at or call or text (626) 616-4559.
From 1/6/2020 email:

The Society’s current important needs include composing emails such as the ones you are probably currently receiving, composing descriptions of upcoming shows for our web site, maintaining the overall web site, writing/sending press releases, boosting our social media presence, and assisting the refreshment coordinator, occasionally taking full responsibility for transporting and setting things up for the occasional shows she cannot attend.   If somebody would volunteer to coordinate and manage volunteer bakers for the refreshments table, that would be a big help.  We need a house manager, who can come early to meet our sound crew, welcome the performers, and co-ordinate the pre-concert activities. We need a couple of new Board members (2-3 meetings a year, but an ongoing commitment to help decide on bookings, work out problems, etc.,) occasional back-up for CD sales at shows, also occasional food-runs for the performers, and maybe a general “go-fer” for show nights as well as between shows.  We’ll describe these tasks in much more detail at the meeting.  Maybe we’ll add just a few versatile people, or up to 5-10 focused people for particular roles, but we have to see if there are folks out there who will at least consider stepping forward before we begin to figure out how things fit together.  So far, 8 people have indicated they will come to our meeting, and we are thankful but we are certainly hoping more will RSVP. 

Your attendance would indicate a willingness to see if you can help, but does not commit you to volunteering.  You may not immediately see a role that fits you, but at the meeting, you might be surprised to find a niche that you can fill or learn.  We will train you!  We know that it is going to take some time to work through this, but it is time for us to get started.  Add the date to your calendar and please RSVP- you can email us at or call or text (626) 616-4559.  A good turnout at this informal meeting will be a great help for us to work our way through this time of change.  We want to come out better than ever!  Thanks for your patience as we work things out.

Pasadena Folk Music Society needs your help!
From 12/5/2019

The Pasadena Folk Music Society has an important request. We have been in existence since 1982, when we began as the Caltech Folk Music Society. We are in our 38th year as a concert series. The idea was to present the best touring folk and acoustic artists available, as well as some local ones, in a comfortable, intimate and affordable setting. We have been lean and mean from the beginning, since Caltech Physical Chemistry grad student, Brian Toby and fellow student, Simon Davies started the Society. In those beginning years, Brian did most of the work himself, getting friends to help on concert night. Since he graduated and left in 1985, booking and planning responsibilities have “expanded” to a group of 4 Board members (who also do much of the work on concert nights,) with another 4 or so people lending support, mostly on the night of the show. Though some volunteers have come and gone over the years, this dedicated core group of volunteers has changed surprisingly little over the years, and we’re proud (and a little amazed!) that we have kept things going, even thriving, during this span of years. See a list of those who have helped here.

Nobody gets paid, other than our sound crew. All ticket income goes to pay the performers and the various expenses of doing the shows, along with infrastructure, such as insurance, web hosting, etc. If we turn a “profit” on a show, the money helps cover the costs for the occasional shows that lose money. But we volunteers have been richly rewarded by knowing we are helping to keep this kind of live music happening and by bringing high caliber musicians to Southern California who might not have otherwise come here. We also get a chance to meet these talented performers, and enjoy these shows ourselves. Volunteers who put in substantial effort get complimentary admission to the shows.

As time has moved on, things have gotten a bit more complicated, with offering refreshments, maintaining web pages, sending regular emails (along with postal mailings) and other enhancements. In recent years, the Board has talked a bit about bringing in some additional people to help out, maybe even an additional Board member or two, but we haven’t made a concerted effort to do so. Now, one of our long serving Board members is planning to leave at the end of 2019, so we realize that we must get more people involved, some new blood, as they say. We ask you to consider helping us by attending an organizational meeting. It is crucial that we get some reliable people to help so that we can secure the Society’s future well-being and keep the music coming. The bottom line is, we need help.

We have a meeting scheduled at our home base, Beckman Institute Auditorium on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 at 7:00 PM, where we can tell you about our needs and you can ask questions. We will share a list and description of some of our needs. The first step is for us to find out if people will answer the call. We have lots of ideas for future shows and we would like to hear yours. If you value the series and want to help but don’t know how, please come to the meeting! Feel free to bring a friend who might be interested or have necessary skills. You might be surprised at the ways you can help, and with a new pool of people, we may come up with new ways of doing things. Please RSVP! Send your email address and phone number (indicating cell and/or landline) to You can also text or call (626) 616-4559. Let us know what city you live in, so that we have an idea of how close you are to our home turf in Pasadena. Thank you very much for considering helping us!