Heading towards a Sellout for July 6th Syncopaths Concert

If you’ve been thinking about joining us for this Saturday’s concert with the Syncopaths at the Beckman Institute Auditorium, we are very close to a sellout. There are only 10 tickets left.

It’s too early to say how many of the 10 tickets, if any, will be available for purchase at the door on Saturday night.  We have, unhappily, needed to turn away some would-be ticket buyers at the door in the past, when tickets sold out.  If you’ve waited until the last day to get tickets and will be driving some distance to the concert, you could call 626-616-4559 on Saturday for updated information about the availability of tickets.

The remaining tickets are $25 each, or $10 for Caltech students and anyone age 16 or younger.  Buy them online here.  A $4 service charge per ticket applies to orders online. Due to the 4th of July holiday, in person ticket purchases at the Caltech Ticket Office are no longer possible.