Some Music Resources on the Web

FolkScene (Allen Larman, Kat Griffin, Peter Cutler & Deborah Hand-Cutler will continue the pioneering radio show started by Howard and Roz Larman in 1970)
Alive and Picking (Mary Katherine Aldin’s folk music calendar)
Roots Music and Beyond ((KPFK 90.7 FM Saturdays 6AM- 8AM with rotating hosts- First Saturday of month, Tom Nixon, 2nd is Rick Frystack, 3rd is Art Podell or Jim Moran, 4th is Mark Humphrey and 5th is Mary Katherine Aldin. Also on Facebook)
Acoustic Americana Music Guide (Comprehensive calendar in (and around) LA)
Folkworks (Just about everything you would want to know about Los Angeles area folk music and related activities)
Bluegrass Etcetera (Frank Hoppe, a former Caltech Folk Music Society volunteer! Frank’s show is now heard Thursdays, noon to 3PM on Bluegrass Country Radio)
Heartfelt Music (John & Deanne Davis) – We are sorry to report that John Davis passed away on October 9, 2017.
Topanga Banjo • Fiddle Contest
Bluegrass Association of Southern California
Prairie Home Companion (No longer on the air but still a presence)
Live from Here (Replacement show for Prairie Home Companion, hosted by Chris Thile)
Garrison Keillor
Mudcat Cafe (Site and calendar no longer maintained, but has some interesting links here, though many are dead or out of date)