Some Music Resources on the Web

Acoustic Americana Music Guide Comprehensive calendar in and around LA. News and commentary for the Folk, Roots & Singer-Songwriter communities.
Bandsintown Search for concerts by city, date, artist, festival, venue or genre (Folk, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Classical, Metal, and more).
BBC Sounds Highlights folk and acoustic music from around the UK and the world.
Bluegrass Association of Southern California  The BASC Bluegrass JamOn is typically held the fourth Sunday of every month. Check their website for current dates, as the schedule has been disrupted due to COVID.
Bluegrass Etcetera Frank Hoppe, a former Caltech Folk Music Society volunteer! Frank’s show is now heard Thursdays, noon to 3PM on Bluegrass Country Radio.
Folk & Acoustic Playlists. Multiple lists, consisting of thousands of songs in the genres of Folk, Acoustic, Americana, and Bluegrass. Free to access on Spotify.
FolkScene Allen Larman, Kat Griffin, Peter Cutler & Deborah Hand-Cutler will continue the pioneering radio show started by Howard and Roz Larman in 1970.  The program features recorded music and in studio live performances.
Folkworks Just about everything you would want to know about Los Angeles area folk music and related activities.
Mudcat Cafe Search for songs and lyrics in the Digital Tradition Folk Song Database, which contains about 9,000 songs.
SoundCloud. Free service containing thousands of songs and artists.
Spotify. Contains +70 million songs and growing. Free service, but login is required.
Topanga Banjo • Fiddle Contest The Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival started in 1961, making it one of the oldest continuously held traditional music events in the US.
Ultimate World and Folk Playlist Created for Spotify by Guardian Music. This list of 85 songs is free to access.
Youtube. Millions of songs available for free.  Youtube provides the ability to search by extensive combination of keywords. Enjoy playlists crafted by individuals and groups, or create your own.

Heartfelt Music (John & Deanne Davis) – We are sorry to report that John Davis passed away on October 9, 2017.
Prairie Home Companion Rebroadcast No longer on the air but still a presence.
Live from Here Replacement show for Prairie Home Companion, hosted by Chris Thile. It has been canceled; however, all shows were archived and can be listened to at any time.
Garrison Keillor