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The Good Lovelies at the Indian River Festival on 08/12/13 (photo credit: Darrell Theriault)

The Good Lovelies

Presented by Caltech Public Events, with the Folk Music Society as marketing partner

The Good Lovelies are one of Canada’s premier folk bands. Funny and upbeat, with just a pinch of sass, their  textbook three-part harmonies, constant instrument swapping, and witty stage banter have enlivened the folk music landscape since they joined forces in 2006.

The Lovelies (Caroline Brooks, Kerri Ough, and Sue Passmore) were friends first when they decided to take the leap from their day jobs and head out on the road making music across Canada…and it shows. Their tireless rain or shine outlook and undeniable mutual respect have helped the trio weather years of constant touring.

“(They) make three-part harmonies divinely—all sun, serotonin, and retro-radio.”
– Globe & Mail 

More Info: www.goodlovelies.com

Tickets: All seats are reserved. Regular prices are: $35, $30, $25 / $10 Youth, but there is a $5 discount if you mention the Pasadena Folk Music Society when ordering in advance or buying tickets at the door!